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  • Industrial Distress Painted Stool

    Industrial Distress Painted Stool

    Vintage Design offer an enormous range of seating alternatives with lot’s of color options.

  • Industrial Leather Wood Stool

    Industrial Leather Wood Stool

    Inspired from the gymnastic designed benches, this vintage industrial stool provides true sense of comfort-ability and durability.

  • Industrial Loft Bar Stool

    Industrial Loft Bar Stool

    The bar stool has an unusual style and is a different take on an industrial bar stool that we really like. It will look equally striking in a daily kitchen or restaurant or loft residence.

  • Industrial Painted Stool

    Industrial Painted Stool

    Vintage-inspired, they are worn throughout for an authentic texture

  • Industrial Toledo Swivel Stool

    Industrial Toledo Swivel Stool

    The Toledo Swivel Stool was created with schools, industrial shops and drafts people in mind.

  • Industrial Tractor Seat Bar Stool

    Industrial Tractor Wooden Seat Bar Stool

    The Tractor Seat Bar Stool is paralleled in style only by comfort, and is hand-crafted using the by product of commercial mango plantations.

  • Retro Industrial Stool

    Retro Industrial Stool

    The robust and durable base is made from metal and given a dark industrial style finish while ensuring stability.

  • Best Industrial Style Stool

    Stylish Industrial Stool

    This stool design with matte black color give an absolutely industrial look to any decoration.

  • Trio Industrial Metal Stool

    Trio Industrial Metal Stool

    Wonderful trio industrial metal stool by the furniture brand from Jodhpur; Vintage Design

  • Industrial Adjustable Height Swivel Stool

    Vintage Adjustable Height Swivel Stool

    Uniquely designed after antique drafting stools, this vintage swivel stool offers a fresh twist on architectural style

  • Vintage Industrial Leather Upholstered Up Cycle Stool

    Vintage Industrial Leather Upholstered Cycle Stool

    Our stylish Vintage Industrial Cycle stool’s structure is made up of iron rim reclaimed from old bicycles and a very comfortable genuine leather upholstered seat with hand stitched.

  • Vintage Industrial Lion Stool

    Vintage Industrial Lion Stool

    Working under the concept of structure, they play with the arrangement and order of the lines that form it. Its wood top and metal base are worked under a 100% handmade manufacturing process